Latest version 2.0.1

This “little big twin”, with its maximum approved altitude of 25,000 feet, with counter-rotating propellers and turbocharged engines, can transport a pilot and 5 passengers in a very safe and pleasant flight.


With a sleek design this fast, flexible and simple to fly twin is designed for a cross country flight at a very reasonable price and comfort.


Enjoy freedom with this elegant and powerful twin engine aircraft whether for your personal or business purposes.


Twin engine, six seats, 220 HP (each engine), cruise speed of 164 TAS and a maximum range of 825 NM are its main features.



  • GNS530
  • GNS430
  • S-TEC 55 autopilot.
  • KR87 ADF.
  • BK KN62 DME.
  • GTN750 integration option (GTN750 from
  • GTN750Xi integration option (GTN750Xi from
  • Digital Display Monitoring System.
  • BK RDR2000 weather radar.
  • Cold and dark / Ready to taxi / Ready for takeoff start options.
  • GTX330 transponder.
  • Engine and wind sound effects when opening doors and windows.
  • Original HQ digital stereo sounds recorded directly from the real aircraft (engine, knobs, switches, buttons and different elements).
  • Realistic flight dynamics compared to the real airplane. Realistic weight and balance. Tested by several pilots for maximum accuracy.
  • Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials and textures.
  • PBR materials authored with industry-standard software used by the film and gaming industries.
  • Tablet interphase for controlling static elements, pilots, opening doors, etc.; and starting options such as cold and dark and ready to taxi.


Available only at Microsoft Flight Simulator marketplace
(in game market)


This Carenado product is an add-on to be used in a simulation platform (FSX, P3D, X-Plane or MSFS or other) (the “Product”) and corresponds to Carenado’s impression of a real-life flight experience. The Product is in no way associated, affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by a plane model and make manufacturer and/or trademark owner.

Included in the package

8 liveries
PA34T V Emergency Procedures PDF
PA34T V Normal Procedures PDF
PA34T V Performance Tables PDF
PA34T V Reference PDF
Autopilot PDF



PA34T V MSFS version 2.0.1
April 4th, 2023

-Improved engine sounds and added missing ones.
-Improved prop-sync function.
-Improved overall integration with WT’s GNS, PMS GTN and TDS’s GTNxi.
-Fixed tablet options logic.
-Fixed VR Cockpit Focus and VR handling grip.
-Improved flight dynamics stability.
-Fixed nosewheel vibration when applying full braking.
-Redone electrical system.
-Fixed camera issues that caused CTD when creating a custom camera.
-Fixed airplane spawning in cruise flight with landing gear down.
-Improved startup and engine heat effects.
-Other minor bug fixes.
-Sounds fixed.


PA34T V MSFS version 1.5
January 20th, 2023

-Switched to MS pilot avatars for broader selection.
-Updated AP to work with WT’s GNS module.
-Fixed autopilot not working with other third party addons.
-Included TDS’s Gtnxi option in tablet menu.
-Added VR commands.
-Redone ice effects.
-Added liveries.
-Other minor bug fixes.



PA34T V MSFS version 1.4
January 11th, 2022

-Startup engine smoke effect added.
-Redone of all light effects.
-New way to hide/unhide tablet.
-Minor bugs fixed.



PA34T V MSFS version 1.3
August 24th, 2021

-Minor bugs fixes



PA34T V MSFS version 1.2
June 16th, 2021

-Fixed fuel displayed on DDMP. Remainging fuel is in accordance with used fuel.
-Fixed endurance calculations accuracy based on current fuel remaining and fuel flow.
-Fixed Transponder flight level altitude indication.
-Improved all external lighning effects.
-Landing and Taxi lights now cast effect further ahead.
-Minor liveries fixes.
-Minor general bug fixes.


PA34T V MSFS version 1.1
May 6th, 2021

-Added PMS50 GTN 750 integration option (in tablet).
-Fixed wing ice light focus position.
-Fixed oxygen gauge consumption rate.
-Fixed registration number not displayed in panel.
-Fixed errors in some liveries.
-Fixed passenger window edges.
-Fixed NAV lights position.
-Fixed dome light to illuminate the instrument panel more directly.
-Fixed landing/taxi displaying spotlight effect after electric current is cut.
-Fixed heading bug not displayed in night lightning panel.
-Reduced fuel pump sound volume.
-Improved cockpit camera view angle.
-Minor bug fixes.


PA34T V MSFS version 1.0
April 29th, 2021



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