Carenado Terms and Conditions of Service

Updated November 28th, 2016


By using this site, buying or using any of our software, you agree to the following terms of service:



By using web site, you agree to not use the webpage or its services in ways it was not intended.


Purchasing of Products

Carenado is an open and public site on the Internet. It requires accurate information for complete each order. This may include accurate information that matches the owner of the credit card or PayPal account or the actual customer making the transaction, as well as accurate data submitted. Providing inaccurate information could prevent you from completing your order.


In cases where Carenado considers necessary to validate information from a customer, an order may be withheld. In this case, we will contact the customer to validate the information. Not receiving a timely response from a customer could means a cancel of the order.

Download Products

Once you purchase a product you will receive an email with all the information for downloading and installing the Carenado product. Beside that email, any customer could enter anytime to his or her account and gets information and/or download any of the purchased products.


Carenado provides 10 downloads for each product and 10 installations.


We recommend making a backup of each product to save downloads and make a reinstallation faster.


Note that Carenado products are sold for third parties (resellers), and for that other vendor’s individual policies may apply if the product you purchased is not sold by Carenado.



We have ticket system to deal with our site and our products issues. You can reach support submitting a ticket either to: support carenado com or entering here:


We strongly suggest before submitting a ticket to check in our knowledge base where most of issues has been addressed. Here is the link of our knowledge base:


Refunds and Returns

As a general policy, subject to the refund policies listed below, Carenado allows most products to be returned or refunded within 30 days unless it is noted on the product page for the title that the sale is final. In some cases, a refund may not be able to be processed. Please read the information below for more information on our refund policies.


We suggest to reading carefully the requirements of each product before purchasing, especially the compatibility with the different flight simulator platforms.


Refund Policy

If your product was purchased from Carenado at and you have a problem with it and want a refund we will require to send an email to support carenado com stating: Date of purchase, order number, serial number, email, product and the reasons.


Please note that the abuse of this policy, meaning a considerably high rate of refunds associated with a credit card number, person, or email address, could means a denial of the ability to purchase new products or receive future refunds. This is to protect Carenado against potential fraud, bank expenses or transfers fees.


We want to be as fair as possible, and it is common for there to be an occasional refund.


If your account or other information are flagged in our system, and you want to discuss this with Carenado administrators, please contact us to support (at) carenado (dot) com.


Protection against fraud

Carenado may suspends the ability to purchase if your account or information is associated with potential fraudulent activity, such as if multiple purchases are associated with a high percentage of refund requests, if there are multiple refund requests in a row, if purchases or purchase attempts contain potentially invalid information, if excessive purchase attempts have been made which the bank declined, if Carenado has or receive evidence that you have shared your product illegally, or for any other reason that Carenado sees as necessary in order to prevent Internet based fraud.


If you think our system has prevented you from purchasing a product in error, please contact us to support carenado com, as we may be able to find the cause and help clear the situation.



Carenado respects and assures the confidentiality of its customer’s information.


In order to protect the information of our customers, we have a robust security system to avoid third party interception of any part of the information provided, such as name, email or credit card number.


Additionally, we do not retain information about credit cards in our system, resulting in a transparent process and totally managed by a specialized company.



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